Replacement DLP Lamp

Looking for a Replacement DLP Lamp for your projector or TV? We have an excellent selection along with details on lamp changing and selection. Changing your own bulb is a user friendly task, most can be changed easily, just be sure to use a cloth when handling the bulb as mentioned below. Now is a good time to consider ordering an extra replacement lamp so you are not caught without one for the next big game or when the time comes for another replacement.

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Replacement DLP Lamp Selection
Select the brand of the of the projector or TV you are replacing the lamp for.

3M Anders Kern Acer ASK Proxima
Barco BenQ Boxlight Canon
Chisholm Davis Dell Dukane
Eiki Epson Faroudja General Electric
Hitachi HP IBM InFocus
JVC Liesegang LG Electronics Mitsubishi
NEC Optoma Panasonic Philips
Pioneer Plus Polariod Proxima
RCA Samsung Sanyo Sharp
Sony Toshiba ViewSonic Yamaha

How to change a DLP Lamp

Warning: The bulb and housing can get extremely hot, allow the bulb to cool before changing it.

The steps to change a lamp are:

  1. Never touch the bulb with your fingers. Find a soft lint free cloth like a clean cotton shirt and use it when handling the bulb and housing. The oils on your fingers can cause issues resulting in shortened lamp life or poor performance.
  2. Unplug the machine either from the wall or back of the machine.
  3. Remove the cover and unscrew the bulb housing.
  4. Using the cloth from step one remove the old lamp.
  5. Pay attention to the wire connecting with the lamp. Be sure to remove this carefully so as not to damage the wire or connector.
  6. Connect the wire to the new lamp. Be careful not to touch the lamp with your fingers.
  7. Using the previously mentioned cloth, do not touch the bulb with your fingers, insert the new lamp.
  8. Replace the bulb housing unit and reinstall the cover.
  9. Plug in the electrical cord for the projector or TV.
  10. Be sure to reset the lamp hour counter or timer. Steps to do this are projector or TV specific therefore we have written specific articles for this. See articles in the left navigation bar to learn how.

The above are general steps, if available, we recommend consulting your user manual for exact instructions.