How To Change TV DLP Lamp

Below are the ten steps, with pictures, on how to change TV DLP lamps. Before you start, ensure that the TV is unplugged from the electrical outlet. Also be sure to let the bulb cool before attempting to change it, DLP lamps get extremely hot therefore wait 40 minutes after the TV has been off before changing the bulb. Never touch the lamp with your fingers, use a soft lint free cloth such as a cotton shirt.

Step 1:
Obtain the correct replacement lamp. You will need either your TV model number or the part number on the lamp, since we are assuming you have not yet removed the lamp, look for a sticker on the back or side of the TV. Many TVs have the lamp number on the sticker, but the TV model number will work also. Once you have found one of the numbers order your lamp from Replacement DLP Lamp. Note: You can order the lamp with the lamp housing or without. The lamp housing will cost a little more but will save you the time and effort from changing the lamp into the existing housing. If you are patient, it will take an additional 20 minutes, and handy with electronics order just the bare lamp. Otherwise order the lamp with the housing. See bare lamp or lamp housing for more details on this decision.

Step 2:

Locate TV Lamp Cover

Locate the lamp cover on the DLP TV. It is normally on the back of the TV and typically on the lower portion. Once located, move on to step 3.

Step 3:

Unscrew TV Lamp Cover

Note the type of screws and find the appropriate screw driver to remove them. Unscrew the screws.

Step 4:

Remove DLP Lamp Cover Once you have removed the screws, gently remove the lamp cover.

Step 5:

Insert New Lamp Housing Locate the lamp housing and the screws required to remove it. Remove the screws being careful not to drop them into the TV. If you do drop them, be absolutely certain you find and remove them before using the TV again. Left in the TV, they can cause a short which may result in harm to your TV and you.

Step 6:

Remove Lamp Housing Assuming the screws have been removed, gently remove the lamp housing. Be careful to be aware of any wires connected to it. If necessary gently disconnect them.

Step 7 (Optional):
If you purchased the bare DLP lamp without the housing do this step, otherwise move onto the next step. During this step, keep in mind you must not touch the lamp with your bare fingers. Locate the mechanism used to attach the lamp to the housing. Sometimes this is a few small screws, some of the newer assemblies snap together. Be careful to not damage the assemble when removing the lamp. Once you have the old lamp removed, insert the new lamp into the housing.

Step 8:

Insert New Lamp Housing Insert the lamp housing back into the TV, ensuring it is properly set and aligned. Insert and tighten the screws.

Step 9:

Ensure Cover Is In Place Replace the lamp cover and insert the screws. Note, in most cases, the TV will not operate until the lamp cover has been properly closed.

Step 10:
Be sure to reset the lamp hours. This is an important step, most TVs will stop working once the lamp timer reaches a set limit. The TV has no idea when you changed the bulb if you do not reset the counter.

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