Recycle DLP Bulb

Recycling DLP bulbs and lamps is easy and should be done whenever changing a bulb. Although they are small in size, the chemicals inside the bulb can cause damage to the environment therefore it is important to recycle DLP projector bulbs and DLP TV bulbs and not through them away.

Recycle DLP Bulb
Often times companies that sell the bulbs will provide options for recycling and when you buy your new lamp you can make arrangements to recycle the old lamps. However if they do not provide this service you can contact Recycle Your Lamp to recycle your bulb.

Recycle DLP Lamp
Curious what happens to bulbs when you recycle them? There are several approaches depending on the company but the main chemical that causes damage is Mercury. Therefore the Mercury is removed and recycled with the other components which will also be recycled separately. In some cases bulbs are relamped, but that is much less popular due to the high precision and accuracy necessary for today's high performance projectors and TVs. The bulb is obviously a key component for the best picture therefore it is best to buy new bulbs and not relamped ones when purchasing your next bulb.

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