Reset Lamp Hours

This article provides instructions on how to reset lamp hours for projectors and TVs. This is an important final step when changing your lamp, if you do not reset the DLP lamp timer your projector may stop working when the time expires. This article provides details on how to perform the reset and why it is important.

The reason why is that many modern projectors and TVs provide internal monitoring of the bulb, often called a dlp lamp timer. Some equipment will shut down when the programed lamp limit is reached. This normally results in the TV or projector not starting up at all, even if the bulb is replaced. However the fix is easy, a simple reset is necessary. Keep in mind that the projector has no idea when you changed the bulb, or even if you placed a new bulb in the unit, therefore the hours are counted against the expected bulb life from the last time you reset it.

Below are links leading to articles on how to reset lamp hours for various manufactures. Note, we strive to keep things up to date, however if you find the instructions are outdated or you have additional advice to provide, please use the contact us form to send us the details.

When following the instructions, it is important to pay attention to the details. Almost all commands are a combination of button pressing, but some buttons will need to be held and while other are simply pressed and released. Also, in some cases, more complex combination will be required such as a combination of presses on the TV buttons and the remote buttons at the same time.

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If your brand of projector or TV is not listed, please use the contact us link to provide the reset lamp hours details so we can add them for future viewers.

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